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So, I'm at a ridiculously girly store because a friend of mine demanded fancy hair clips for her birthday. I would like to say now that it's not a hair salon (though it does sell hair dyes). So, I'm looking at the hair clips, rather confused because I never use hair clips and I haven't been within ten feet of a hair clip in my life. Then, a wild cheerful employee appears! And she uses "so cheerful it's creepy".

Cheerful Employee: Can you help you find something? :D
Me: No, I'm just looking, thanks though!
CE: I can help you find something for your hair! :D
M: Thanks, but no thanks.
CE: But you need a new colour, that one is so drab! :D:D:D:D How long ago did you dye it?

It's super effective. 

M: It's, um, actually my natural hair colour, I'm not interested in dying it. Thanks anyway!
CE: Wait, REALLY? You haven't dyed it yet?! 

She then grabs a handful of my hair with no warning. She pulled on the hair she grabbed a couple of times, when poor stupid me wasn't letting her get a close look at the hair she was trying to pull out of my skull.

CE: Okay, okay, no need to yell!

I walked out and bought the fancy hair clips somewhere else. Right now, I'm wondering if I should've asked for a manager then and there, because people grabbing at me without asking seriously freaks me out. 
Tags: look but don't touch
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