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Eyeglass incovenience

Earlier this month, my beloved D&G glasses broke. I too them off to was my face and as I was putting them back on they snapped where the bridge meets the rim and I wanted to cry a little. After searching like a half-blind idiot for about twenty minutes, I found my backup glasses and promptly made an appointment for an eye exam. Because I'm super low on cash right now, and because all my bespectacled friends keep raving about it, I decided to order my glasses online. I've got a $170 budget and I need to get regular glasses and backup glasses because my current ones are a shitty pair from Wal-mart that has the anti-scratch coating peeling off. After searching around and taking some recommendations, I settled on Zenni Optical and Coastal Contacts. Don't freak out Zenni lovers, I haven't had any problems with them (besides having to wait a little longer because I couldn't control myself and ended up getting a pair of prescription sunglasses). Nope, my problems are all about Coastal Contacts.

On 8/11 I searched the the site a bit, found two pairs that I liked and decided to order them separately so I can use a coupon code on both orders. One was a pair of black plastic frames with 1.61 index lenses that would be my regular pair (Order A) and brown frames with a sort of tiger print inside and standard plastic lenses that would be my backup/fun pair (Order B). I got my e-mail receipts for both of them and Order A's delivery date was 8/22 and Order B's delivery date was 8/18. I chalked it up to the difference in lenses and moved on. On 8/15, I got an email from them telling me that "a portion of [Order A] has been sent to the manufacturer so that [they] can complete the order". I'm not too torn up about this but I am wondering if I'm going to get the same letter about Order B because they were basically the same thing (same designer, same shape, different colors) but I never did, so once again I chalk it up to the difference in lenses and move on.

Order B is supposed to be delivered Thursday, 8/18 so I'm checking the website occasionally to check up on the progress and see if they've issued a tracking number yet. Every time I check it still says "in fulfillment" which makes me kind of nervous because the shipping method I chose could take 4-5 days. If it's not even on the road yet, I doubt it's going to get here on time. Anyway, Thursday comes and goes with no delivery and I'm disappointed. I checked my account today and, lo and behold, the glasses are still in fulfillment. I call up customer service to find out what's going on and I get this kind of snippy guy who tells me that it's just an estimated date, it's not exact. Sigh. I tell him I know it's estimated, but my glasses haven't even been shipped yet, it says they're still being made. So even if they're shipped out on Monday, there's a good chance I won't get them until Friday (they're is WA, I'm in NJ), over a week from when I was supposed to get them. He begrudgingly says OK and looks up the order the get more specifics and then tells me that they haven't even gone into production yet, they're set to be made on Monday or Tuesday and will probably be shipped the next day. He says the only thing he can really do for me is to send the production department an e-mail about the status and then forward me their response. I just thank him and get off the phone because it's obviously not his fault, but I'm pissed.

I ordered these glasses a week and half ago, they were supposed to be delivered by now and they haven't even been made yet. I don't mind waiting 2-3 weeks (well, I do a little, but whatever) but I want to know ahead of time that I'll be waiting that long, don't just spring it on me once you've got my money, jackasses.

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