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I made an appointment earlier in the week to get my hair styled for a wedding I am going to today. My appointment was for 45 minutes ago and I am still sitting here. Apparently the stylist they put me with is dyeing a walk-in's hair, which she knew was a dye job because I arrived early and saw her offer to take this person. I did not know this woman was my stylist until someone said her name later. Three other walk-in's are now being seen before me by other workers and I am sill sitting here. Tell me, please, what is the point of making me make an appointment for a 30 minute styling if people can just walk in and do whatever?!

Ranting in here so when I go to the receptionist after I post this I won't be rude to her in my annoyance.

edit; The receptionist yelled back at her letting her know that her appointment has been here and she made this rude face like I was annoying her and she basically called back with a reply similar to "whatever" before she continued what she was doing. They won't set me up with anyone else.

How much should I tip when I finally get my hair done? I used to work in a spa as a massage therapist and if we would have done something like this we would have at least been apologetic about it, which this place is not. So it boggles my mind.

And I will note, the walk-in's that were seen before me? Except for the first dye job that my stylist is with, all arrived after me.

edit; The stylist, who suddenly was ready for me as soon as I asked for a manager, told me that she was told that my appointment was for a half hour earlier than it was, and that I didn't show up. I specifically made my appointment for the time I did for a reason AND I even called yesterday to confirm. So she is either lying or there is some messed up communication within the ranks. She didn't "charge" me the extra appointment fee in the end but I did leave her a small tip because my hair does look wonderful. I am still going to call corporate on Monday and complain because this whole thing was ridiculous. I guess this is another strike for Holiday Hair for me.
Tags: salon/barber
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