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My Tip Doesn't Count

So about a year ago, I was with a friend and my boyfriend and we decided to go to Macaroni Grill. We walk in and the place is pretty empty, so yay! Fast service.
Hahahaha. Our server comes, and then we wait at least a half hour for our drinks (which our server got wrong), then another 20 mins for the right drinks. Then she finally takes our food orders. Those are, when they eventually come out, wrong as well (she didn't listen when we told her the specifics of what we wanted and was surprised and annoyed when we pointed out things that were wrong). She huffs away and comes back with them after another wait. She also had this weird habit of self-congratulating: she'd ask us what we wanted, then a few minutes later confirm and if she got it right go "Wow, I am so good!". Not in a mocking way at all, she was dead serious.
This was all fairly bad service on its own, but stuff I was willing to tolerate, and when we got our bill I tipped her 20% on my boyfriend and I's food, because I just always do. It's a hard job and that's how servers get their pay. It's important to note that the bill was split.
My friend tipped her about 10% and drew a picture of a penny and wrote on the receipt "This was all you deserved". Immature, dumb, whatever... she still tipped some and more to the point, I didn't do that.
So we go into the bathroom before we leave. I shut the stall door and am about to lock it when the server comes running into the bathroom, SHOVES OPEN MY DOOR, and pushes the receipt in my hand. She says, "You forgot something!" in this very triumphant voice and takes off.
There's a few problems with this.
1) Now the restaurant doesn't have a copy of what my friend tipped, or her signature.
2) She followed us in and shoved open my stall door in the bathroom, which incidently could have hurt me.
3) That wasn't my receipt.
Once we left, my boyfriend and my friend called the place and complained, mostly because my friend wanted to make sure she wasn't going to get billed a huge tip amount that got wrote in by the woman. Apparently the manager said that they'd had issues before with this woman and if anything else happened she'd be fired... uh, this wasn't bad enough? I didn't call because I felt like it would be overkill at that point, but you better believe I regretted that 20% tip.
And that is why I've never gone to Macaroni Grill again.
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