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Apartment Suckage

I'm so upset. I just got an email from my landlord in another city (was staying there temporarily for school), saying I was barring them from entering my apartment when they legally had the right to enter.

I gave my 2 months notice, and they have the keys, so I was a bit like bwuh? I'm not there, atm, and moving out has been delayed due to personal reasons.

So I called, and apologized for calling during supper time but I just received an alarming letter, explaining the letter.

She said, oh yeah, we're going to go in through the window because we don't have your keys. I explained to her than A had a copy of the keys when we moved in, and when I got the deadbolt installed, I gave a copy of the key to B, the new company (there was a change at some point after we moved in, and again later). She says well, we don't have them. I said I don't want to be charged for damage! And she's like oh no *laughs* we're not TORONTO landlords!

Cue bwuh again?

She says that's why they don't like deadbolts, because these things happen! She also mentions about changing the locks. I asked if we're going to get our old deadbolt back then if she's changing it? She says OH NO, we're just going to leave the deadbolt unlocked! Uh... (disregarding the security problems with that...) you mentioned changing locks?

Oh yeah, we're changing the door lock! We don't have keys for ANYTHING.

Note that A has returned as a repair guy, while C company is the current super.

I explain again, that A had our original key and B got our deadbolt. Well B didn't give us it! If you had a flood in there right now, you'd be liable since we can't get in!


She asks if I can speak to her husband since he's making faces. I say ok, and hand it off to my fiance because I'm all shakey because I'm panicking about where the keys went.

Husband comes on and screams at my fiance, "We're coming in the window and it won't cost you anything! And that's that!" And he hangs up. Cue bewildered fiance.

I call B company and explain to them what is going on. They tell me this is for emergencies ONLY, and to call during 9-5.

I call A, and explain what has happened, but it goes to his voice mail as usual.

I'm thankful I'm not being charged, but... how is it my fault when an exchange between the company went awry? I handed over the key to my apartment to a legal representative (right word? IDK) of their company. And what if I did have a flood? That is NOT my responsibility because you switched super 3 times, and someone forgot to pass over the keys. WTH.

EDIT: She also said that C is way better than B ever was. So in essence, she's admitting to how crappy they are, yet still blaming us (good tenants) for the screw up!

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