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Gel Nail Lady Lies? :(

Update to this entry here.

I am horrified that sleepywarlord had this experience with her nails. I very much enjoyed providing her customized gel nails for her and am saddened that her experience has been less than stellar, especially when she seemed so pleased with them at her appointment.

All new clients read and sign a Client Profile which advises that clients are responsible for their enhancements once they leave the studio, but that any breaks or lifting will be repaired free of charge within the first 48 hours. sleepywarlord completed and signed this form before we began her service. The intial call to request a repair came 3 days after her appointment, but I was still willing to honour my guarantee.

She chose to cancel her repair appointment and I have yet to speak with her directly, as all communication has only been with her fiancee. Without seeing her nails I have no way of knowing what happened. I did not accuse sleepywarlord of ripping off her nails. I do not use language like that. When I asked her fiancee to have my client call me so I could try to figure out what was happening to her nails, her fiancee hung up on me. The offer to repair her nails still stands.

On the 'About' page on my website, it mentions my business is home-based, in a residential neighbourhood north of Pickering Village. There is also a map on the 'Contact' page.


First off, I did sign a client profile, but to my knowledge my nails didn't lift or break, they just started popping off 3 days later (well, the first one, they kept popping off each day after). I think people should still stand behind a product, if it turns out somehow it was defective, which I believe is the case.

Regardless, I was willing to pay the money for the repair of one nail even if she wasn't going to honour the guarantee, because I thought, oh well, it's just one nail, and sometimes maybe things can happen like that, but when I'd lost 5 of out 10 before one week was over, I was worried it was less of a one time thing, and more of a problem with the product, or application.

I chose to cancel my appointment because of the attitude of the (name). My fiance called because I am unable to access a phone during working hours. Seeing how it was pressing to call immediately when it happened, and not days later on a Saturday, I asked him to call on my behalf. I didn't know there would be a problem with it?

Yes, (name) did accuse me of picking my nails during my pedicure, although not at the time, only when my fiance came to ask for a partial refund. This picking? Was me excitedly clicking my nails together because I'd never had gel nails before (I'd had acrylic without problem). If that would've caused my nails to pop off, I would've loved to know at the time so I could've stopped?

She told my fiance that I might just be one of the types of people who just can't have artificial nails, because I pick at them, and for all she knows I could've ripped them off myself and be asking for a refund. She also told him that a lot of people do this, y'know!! As if she's had a series of clients have problems with her nails, and come asking for refunds. Perhaps the clients aren't trying to all scam her, but there really is an issue in application or with the product itself?

The reason my fiance hung up was because of the attitude and tone of (name) when a refund was mentioned. If (name) just stated calmly that after 48hours, we're SOL, and HER gel nails don't last as long as other salon's (3 weeks, from what I've heard from friends), and that she doesn't offer refunds. I would still be writing to warn people of nails popping off, but I wouldn't be quite as sore for how she spoke to my fiance.

Yes, I admit, it's my bad, I didn't read every page on the website, and I really should've. I saw the map, but as I have a GPS, I didn't think I needed to go searching into it. It was an error on my part, but nonetheless a sign on or near the house would do first time clients good.

Could I ask for some constructive criticism again? Or should I just not even bother replying to a letter like that, where she flat out lied about what she said? Ugh :( It's now been just over a week? 10 days? And I'm typing this with only a thumbnail still stuck on -- the rest have popped off each day. :/ I definitely don't want to go back to get them redone, nor do I even care about a refund now, but I'd like to warn other people, especially since she's lying. :(

EDIT: She has now added to her initial reply: 2011/08/09 Edit: it appears that Yelp does not allow the business owner to reply to a second posting by a reviewer, so all responses will stop now. The reviewer continues to post incorrect information and since she refuses to contact me directly to resolve the situation, I am not going to engage any further


Ugh, there is nothing to resolve anymore. The final nail has popped off, doesn't she get it?
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