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Lisa Rabey

I live in an area of my city that is often to referred to as Little Ann Arbor (or little Berkeley or little Boulder depending on what are of the country you live in). Essentially, it's a hip/trendy/tree-hugging liberal area (good things, mind you), lots of local resturants, coffee houses, independent shops, the whole works. The best part about this area is that everything is literally in walking distance, which I take advantage of and I tend to only fill up my car about once a month. Now the bad thing about this area is that at night, it can get kind of sketchy. There had been numerous rape attempts, muggings, etc. There are panhandlers that hang out in front of one of local liquour stores and harrass people. In short, it's smart not to walk around at night alone. This is important.

So one night, I was starving, it's after 10pm and I decide to order bread sticks from Pizza Hut. Now granted, I live a five minute walk / 30 second drive from the place, but I had just gotten out of the shower and my car was backed in the driveway. But since my downstairs neighbors were asleep (and thus whose car was backing me in); I was not about to ring them up, WAKE THEM UP to ask them to move their car NOR was I going to walk out alone. I've ordered from PH before, dozens of time, and never got any lip about getting delivery. Until now. I call, place the order and give the guy my phone number. He pulls up my address and snorts, "What? You're too EMACIATED to walk down here?" I mean, WTF? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THAT? What if I was housebound and couldn't drive OR walk? And if you live or work in the area, you KNOW it's not the safest place to do alone at night, especially if you're female. I was too shocked to say anything. And when my order arived (an HOUR later); the breadsticks were cold and the order was still wrong. HOW the HELL can you mess up breadsticks?


A few days later, one of my girlfriends and I decided to WALK (see, i'm not THAT lazy) down to the Subway located at the end of my block. We get there, it's not terribly busy as there is one guy and one child (seperate orders) in front of us. We are perusing the menu, and I recognize one of the guys working (assuming manager) and another one I don't recognize. The guy ahead of us, his friend comes in on a cell phone, babbling extra orders so the two sandwich artises are making like 1/2 dozen subs for these guys. Still, no problem, we're not in a hurry and both of the workers had greeted us and we were polite back. The manager looks harried and tells the new guy to start ringing up the orders he's making. The new guy mumbles something about how he "pushed okay" indicating something on the cashier screen and the manager looks at him and says something to the effect of, "No, I told you not to push okay when that menu comes up." New guy makes a snide face, manager voids the order and starts ringing up the orders properly when the new guy comes over and asks me what I want. I point to the kid in front me, motioning he was first and new guy gets a clue and asks the kid what he wants. Kid tells him he wants a specific sandwich, just no meat. New guy starts getting snotty with him and says, "well then! Why didn't you just order a veggie sub??!" The kid was like 8, 10 at the most. Okayy. Guy with his nine million subs leaves, manager comes over and asks me what I want. I tell him that I wanted two specific footlongs and yes, please make them toasted. As the manager is prepping my stuff, he slides them down to the new guy (who had already rung up the kid) and even though he heard me say if I wanted the sandwichies toasted, says, "Do you want them toasted?" I repeat, yes, I do want them toasted. He looks confused for a sec and says, "Do you want them toasted?" Now, I do NOT have a soft voice NOR do I mumble and I KNOW he heard me, so I repeat, even more clearly (if that is even possible) that YES, I'd like the subs toasted. Subs get made, I also order a large drink, new guy rings me up and gives me a total of like 13 and change. Since I had ordered two of the more expensive subs on the menu and also ordered a large drink, this seemed reasonable. I open up my wallet to pay when the manager comes over, adjusts something on the total and tells me my actual total is $11.11. I shrug, had the new guy a 10 and a five and he gives me back 3.85. I look at him and say, "Are you out of pennies?" He says, "No, why?" I respond, "Because the total is 11.11 and I should have gotten back 3.89, not 3.85. I'm not quabbling over four cents, but, I just wanted to know why you didn't give me back my exact change?" He goes, "I did give you back your exact change! What is your problem!" "Um, my problem is that 11 from 100 is 89, not 85." And he stood there, arguing me with me that 11 from 100 was 85, not 89. Um, hello? You have an automatic cash register in front of you that tells you SPECIFICALLY how much change the customer is getting back! I told him to keep the four cents and left. By this point, about half a dozen customers had already filed in behind us.

Was I being a pain about the four cents? Sure, I can admit to that and normally, if a store is out of pennies, I usually don't bother it's just the fact he started ARGUING with me over basic math that just pissed me off.

And all the way home, my friend kept asking me every two seconds, "Do you want these toasted?"
Har. Har.
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