Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Gel Nails that just won't stay on? :(

I was going to post a review about a place, but I wanted your opinions on wording, etc.

I googled "Best gel nails in XXXX" and got this place. I got lost coming to the place, because there's no sign, or information stating that the place is in a residential area (my bad for not clarifying I guess? Now looking at it, I should've turned tail and run). I had a great time there, and she was really lovely. The only problem was in a few days, my nails started popping off. First one, then another the next day, then by the third day, two more came off, and a fifth by the fourth day. I googled to see if this was normal as this was my first time with gel nails, and they're supposed to last 2-3 weeks. I had my fiance call after the first one, to book an appointment to fix it -- afterall I thought maybe it was a defective nail, or something? Then after 4-5 came off, he called back and asked if she would be willing to give a partial refund on the cost of the nails, since 5 had come off in a few days. (I had gotten more than just my nails done, so I wasn't asking for a partial refund on everything, just partial refund on the nails). She became rude as soon as he mentioned refund, told me she has a 48 hour guarantee, and accused me of ripping the nails off myself. Uh, seeing as how I had a set of acrylics that easily lasted 2 weeks prior to this I'm pretty sure I don't rip nails off willy nilly. I mean I paid good money for this, why the heck would I rip them off? They were beautiful! I loved them! She told me she heard me "picking at them" when she was doing my toes-- I was touching them because I was amazed at how pretty they were, and feeling a bump she'd missed filing down (which she gladly fixed when I pointed it out to her after my toes--I didn't want to interrupt her). It's a shame that it doesn't last because her work is really beautiful :( I am also disgusted at the way she spoke to my fiance, who called on my behalf because I can't use a phone at my place of work (during her hours). The attitude was completely unnecessary :(

Any constructive criticism or comments welcomed. I'd like for it to be as clear as possible for future googlers.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for commenting. I've posted it around on a few sites, and hope others will be forewarned :(

EDIT2: I found out from the fiance that during the phone exchange she said, "Y'know, a lot of people try to do this!" So my immediate thought is wait, what? A lot of customers complain about their nails popping off? Perhaps we're not scamming you (which she seems to imply), but perhaps you need to improve your technique :(
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