Gwendolen (everanddespair) wrote in bad_service,

Allstate: NOT in good hands!

So I posted a while ago about Allstate and my claim with them because their insured hit my parked vehicle on 12/21/10. Well that got all settled eventually, and I THOUGHT I was done with them.

Oh how wrong I was....

A couple weeks ago I got a collections notice for the tow of my car. So I called the collections agency and asked wtf because Allstate should have paid that. They told me to call Allstate. So I did. They gave me a fax number, so I faxed over the collections notice.

I get a call yesterday from the collections agency that they might take me to small claims court. Cue me freaking out. So I call Allstate today. The lady i spoke to was nice and helpful. She said she'd call and agent and the collections agency and I would get a call back.

Allstate calls me back. This new lady tries to make it out like it's my responsibility because I didn't mitigate my property. That they sent me my title back because the tow company had sold the vehicle. I told her that I got my title back with nothing but a note saying "we don't need the title" but didn't explain why. Now, I had gotten a lien notice while I was still working with Allstate on my claim, so I had called both Allstate and the two company and was told "Don't worry about it, it will get taken care of." This bitch claimed that since I knew about the lien that I was responsible because it's my property. I told her about how I had called about it and what I was told and all I have heard since is this collections notice. So she said they will do an investigation but that it sounds like I didn't fulfill my responsibility to mitigate my property. I told her their insured hit MY vehicle and I had the car towed because it had been parked on the street. I gave Allstate all that information and I did my part. She said they would have had to investigate to determine liability. I told her they did that and accepted liability two days after the accident. NOTE: When the claims adjuster went to the two yard to look at my car, the two company called me and asked if I wanted to release my vehicle to Allstate. I said yes.

So then I freak out, vent to my mom, I don't wanna get sued, blah blah. Then I call the tow company. They have ON RECORD that I released my vehicle to Allstate but they never picked it up!

So at least now I have some ammunition against them. If i get sued by collections, I am going to put a counter-claim against Allstate. This is just getting ridiculous. It's been almost 8 months since the accident. This should have been taken care of then.

Seriously...fuck Allstate. I spent MONTHS trying to get them to give me a reasonable amount for my car (which did not include the amount for the tow bill, FYI). It wasn't until I submitted out of state listings for that car plus all my receipts for recent repairs that they actually got off their ass and did some research. Funny part: After I settled, I asked what the salvage value was for my car. It was more than their first 3 offers to me.
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