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I had to be at work in ten minutes so I stopped at the Walgreens that's thirty seconds from my job. Usually. I'm in and out in about 2 minutes and would love to go about my merry way, but some genius decided to park his liquor delivery truck in a way that completely blocked me in. Worth noting also: he could have pulled forward a matter of feet and been in front of all empty spaces. I immediately go into the liquor store to locate the driver, and he tells me "yeah yeah, one minute...", to which I reply "No, you are blocking me in and need to move immediately, I have a job to get to".
(With attitude)"Well I have a job to do too!"
"And if you used your eyes and brain while doing your job you wouldn't be blocking me from getting to mine...please move it now."
(grumblegrumble) "FINE! Let me just drop everything for you!"
"Excuse me? It's your own stupidity that's making you have to stop, move your fucking truck now!" - Not my shining moment by any means, that attitude after he caused the problem in the first place just pissed me off and I wanted time to get to work and get settled before starting, plus my car ac is busted and I live in South FL so a few minutes in the store to cool down are very beneficial!

I really started off trying to be as nice as possible, but I felt like the response should have been "Oh crap, I'm sorry...". He finally did move and I made it on time, but his attitude, when he messed up, just totally rubbed me the wrong way.
Tags: commenters morally obligated to disagree, it's only bad service if you die, that didn't work - let's try cussing
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