Meaghan (broken_organ) wrote in bad_service,

Rotten Fish Market

I live in a small ~up and coming~ city in Ontario, Canada.
Normally, I buy my fish/meat from the "low-end" grocer (with no issues), but today, my partner and I opted to treat ourselves and purchase "fresh" fish from the new Loblaws Superstore fish market.

We purchased 2 filets of red snapper and some sushi.

We came home immediately after, made our batter and noticed a strong, rotten smell emanating from the bags. After opening the "fresh" packages of fish, our apartment instantly filled with the smell of vile fish death.
The smell hit me immediately and I began retching in the sink (I used to think people were faking that for dramatic effect) if death had a smell this was it.
The sushi was rotten too. Called the company before I realized the snapper was disgusting (office closed at 5pm, called at 4:30 about the sushi).
They told me I could "maybe" exchange the sushi with my receipt (why would I want to buy more?).
I'll have to call tomorrow too, but I'd rather have my money back to shop at "low end" grocers and purchase a piece of fish that doesn't require two fans and two cans of air freshener.
Tags: *grocer
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