Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,


Soooo I don't know... I guess there's a partial awareness fail on my part here... ? But it's pretty "wtf were you thinking?" on their part, too. Idk, y'all decide.

I'm at the gas station. They're doing some construction business to the right of me, so there are people walking around and cones and all that jazz (so I don't think anything of a construction worker walking near/around my car). I pump my gas, get back in my car, and make a quick phone call while still parked next to the pump (the place isn't busy).

While I was making that phone call, apparently one of the construction people (or a store employee) decided to put a bunch of those orange cones in the front and the back of my car. Since they were clearly not there when I pulled up and not there while I was pumping my gas, I have to assume they appeared sometime between me getting back in my car and driving off about a minute or two later. They're small enough and close enough to my vehicle so I can't see them out of my windshield or rearview mirror when I look to pull away (and I assure you I did look, since there are people walking around the area).

I drive off. Naturally, I run over the cones in front of me and one is dragged under my car. I look back and see the cones that were once behind my car, too. I stop, reverse to get the cone out from under me, and kind of look back like "wtf just happened where did these cones come from am I high?" One of the construction workers starts yelling at me while a gas station employee who was chatting with him gives me the finger and starts picking up the cones.

I...... don't quite know what to say. Sorry for hitting the cones that you placed in front of my vehicle while I was in it without informing me that you were doing it... ? How did they expect me to pull away from the pump? The employee was standing right next to the construction worker so I don't know whether this was some kind of weird practical joke or what. Just very "wtf" all around.
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