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U-Haul Bad Service

I rented a one-way U-Haul truck for a move from Philadelphia to Delaware this past weekend. It was not something I'd like to do again. The aggravation started when they moved my pickup location from a place within walking distance to one that was a twenty-minute drive. Aggravating but I was renting a one-way truck, so I dealt with it.

I showed up just before noon to find a full lobby. Turns out most were in groups, but there was one Customers_Suck fiasco going on and another with a truck that hadn't been returned. Twenty minutes later, it's finally my turn. The clerk rings up me and walks away, only to return to tell me that my truck isn't there because another employee borrowed it. When I asked when it would be back, he snapped at me that he was finding out and started to make a phone call. I half turned away to discuss something with the other person with me and suddenly he was calling the next person forward. A second question had he answers, practically yelling, that the truck would be back "momentarily."

For them, momentarily was apparently 25 minutes. And it was the manager that had taken the truck to pick up a trailer hitch for another person. He arrived, walked in, walked out, banged on the window next to me and snapped his fingers to get me to follow up. Again, without having said anything to me. Livid isn't strong enough. It's a good thing I have retail/math teacher patience. He claimed to have called me to tell me not to show up until 1pm but I gave them my GoogleVoice number. There was no missed call and he definitely did not leave a message. Besides, I needed to be at my next location by 4:30, had I talked to him I would have explained why no, I could not change my pick-up time to 1pm. By this point, I was livid. I'd been treated rudely by him and the other clerk. This was the manager taking the only one-way 10 foot truck that they had despite the fact that there were others in the parking lot and he knew that I would be arriving shortly.

Because of this, I couldn't get to my storage unit by 4:30 to check in. Everything worked out in the end, we just had to switch some of Sundays activities to Monday, but that was the icing to the cake, to have that happen because of my delays with U-Haul.

This is my fault, but the mileage and gas situation was off too. I was supposed to be at 1/2 and it was at 3/8 and, at the end, I had supposedly driven 103 miles instead of the 70 or so I knew I had. Luckily for me, the guy at the drop-off point was amazing and knew I'd been lost (I had to call to get directions) and waived the fees. Still, this will be a good reminder to double-check that before anything like this again.

I had to press for my $50 reservation guarantee. I hadn't realized that it was credit toward my next purchase with them and the original manager very reluctantly (and slowly) put it into the computer. So now I have $50 for a company that I'm not sure I want to use again. My mother feels that I should ask for more after this fiasco. I kind of feel like they'll feel like they've done everything they will by giving me credit.

Disclaimer: After writing this out and deciding I didn't want the nano tag, I rewrote this to be more streamlined. Some details may be left out.
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want
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