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Roto Rooter Rudeness

Last week my Mother finally broke down and called in Roto Rooter for what seems to be their semi-annual visit to her home. She has a beautiful massive Maple Tree right outside the front of her house and it plays havoc on her pipes quite frequently. She’s had Roto Rooter do the root excavating from her pipes every time with very little hassle. With money tight she often waits until it’s necessary to make any financial decisions. Which simply meant she waited until the toilet stopped flushing well to call them in, but this meant it still worked.

Roto Rooter gave her the normal estimate and the normal paperwork and got to work. A few minutes later there was a terrible clank and the workers called her outside. There tool had broken. Not through any fault of hers, but it had broken. They’d need to dig up her yard to get to the pipe. Not thrilled she agreed, until they told her they’d be charging her $3,000 to dig up her yard.

When she refused they left. Their ‘tool’ equates to a massive chunk of pipe metal sticking out of her yard. There is also the odoriferous odor of sewage flooding the neighborhood, her home, and gagging everyone around, and the inability to use her toilet.

She’s now looking at estimates from others to fix the mess, but really Roto Rooter? You broke your tool - how is this her fault? It’s not like it’s a steel Maple tree, or like she busted up your tool. I know it’s a lot of work to dig up a yard, but $3,000 seems steep. The next estimate she’s gotten for the job is only $800? We assume they’re padding on extra for their broken tool.

The man was also obnoxiously rude when she refused to pay for it.
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