Dennis Carr (dennisthetiger) wrote in bad_service,
Dennis Carr

Bad telemarketer! Go to your cubicle!

dbaxdevilsfan's post reminds me of a little... incident I had with a telemarketer in June of 1999.

I was just getting ready to change jobs from Circle K to Bergen Brunswig (the latter as a temp, but pays better), and was working graveyard. So at 10:30 AM, I'm usually asleep.

Until I get a call.

Me: Yo!
TM: Her...

Me: (groggily) Hello?

TM: Hi, I'm calling from the Los Angeles Times--

Me: Stop.

TM: --and we're going to subscribe you to our--

Me: Stop.

TM: --newspaper for $1.25 per week--

Me: Stop.

TM: --and you'll see what kind of value--

Me: Stop.

TM: --our paper has for you--

Me: Stop.

TM: (finally shuts up)

Me: One, you will not subscribe me to the LA Times. Two, you will put me on your do not call list. Three, I am a graveyard worker; you woke me.

The line was quiet for all of five seconds before I got a half-hearted "...have a nice day" and an abrupt click.

Thereafter, I made sure my computer - then subscribed to the 'net via dialup - was connected before I went to sleep, thus depriving idiots like that of the pleasure of such conversations with me.

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