bimbo_zombie (bimbo_zombie) wrote in bad_service,

This is faily typical...

This happened early last year. This was the first iPod I broke. I dropped it on the floor. Straight after doing that I noticed that all my music sounded completely and utterly different.
So I made the mistake of taking it to the shop I bought it from. Mostly to see what was wrong with it and if it was fixable, I didn't care if they fixed it.
Keep in mind:
I told other people about what was wrong with it. They all said the headphone jack was broken.
Other people listened to it. They all said the headphone jack was broken.
I once posted the symptoms to random strangers on the internet who had never seen my iPod. The all said the headphone jack was broken.
They all said the headphone jack was broken.
Even people I know that had never seen an iPod touch in their lives said the headphone jack was broken.

So it gets taken to this shop. They take one look at it, don't touch it, don't try to listen to it, deny that it's broken and send us on our way.
So we come back again.
and again.
and again.
We actually go to different shops. Same result.
We get people to LISTEN to it.
"It's broken"
"No it's not"
We play an uber famous, well known song, that everyone knows the entire lyrics and score to unless they are Exclusive Brethren or something. Oh by the way, you will notice that you can't even hear the famous well known singer at all, all you can hear is a fucking snare drum and the occasional wildlife noise that wasn't supposed to be in the song.
They still deny it is broken.
I dropped it on the floor and it completely changed. Pretty sure it's broken.

The forth time (I'm serious) we take it in, they do some magical thing they have never done before: Call over the music player expert (I'm serious, the first time in the four times we went there. This is an electronic store. That sells music players. And you have to go there FOUR times to find someone that's seen a music player before.)
He is the first person that decides that it's broken: He says the headphone jack is broken. Wow. Where he got that idea from I have no idea. It even took him less than a few minutes to come up with that.

All I can say is: Really Dick Smith? REALLY? I wasn't even expecting anything to be fixed or replaced, but what I saw was very worrying.

PS. Try reading before replying.
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