Sylken Whyspers (softlywhispered) wrote in bad_service,
Sylken Whyspers

Dairy Queen....

Tonight, The hubs and I wanted to have soft serve dipped in Chocolate. Where to go? Dairy Queen. It's 10:50, so we use the drive through. We place our order for 2 medium vanilla cones, dipped in chocolate. The girl in the box says our total is $9.36. The hubs and I look at each other and kind of do this o.O Uh... $9.36, I think you're mistaken. So we ask. She tells us with a small laugh. "Oh Sorry, I thought you wanted 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla. Ok.. so your new total is $8.10.

Now we're both even more concerned, still confused as this really is off. We'd done this last week and the total was just under $5. Driving up to the window, the husband asks. "$8.10 for 2 medium vanilla cones, dipped in chocolate?" She says yes, the chocolate makes them that price. I look at her like she has four heads. I -know- the price is wrong. So I counter her. "$8.10?" Her tone turns snippy.. "Ma'am I don't -set- the prices." Ok.. So we tell her to cancel the order, I can get 2 hand blended ice creams at cold stone for the same price, so Thanks but no thanks. We drive off.

The husbeast is a little confused, as am I, wondering why the price was so high. Admittedly we didn't look at the light board - I'll look tomorrow as I go into town, but I decided to use the trusty interwebs, and sure enough, the Dairy Queen Price list says that a medium vanilla cone dipped in chocolate is.. $ 2.19. We think that either she was really confused, didn't want to void the order, or someone was skimming off the top. Either way, I'll chat with the manager tomorrow. The snippy attitude, the whole laize' faire-ness of it all *shrug* I suppose it doesn't matter one way or the other, just that $3 is better in my pocket vs theirs.

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