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Yahoo Mail Problems

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The following is a letter I wrote to Yahoo. In the past month,Yahoo has been forcing their users to adopt their latest version of YahooMail. I believe the goal is to have the new format to be a lot more like Google mail. I have both Gmail and yahoo. I have always like yahoo classic much more than Gmail, which I find to be a much more intrusive system.   So I was not thrilled with the switch. 

 Nevertheless, my main problems with the new YahooMail are the faulty programming in the new system, rather than the philosophy of message sorting or intrusive nature of social media linking. So I wrote them the following letter. I shall keep you posted on their response, if any.  


Dear Yahoo,

I hate your new version of YahooMail. It is riddled with weird quirks. This new version of YahooMail seems to have taken steps backward in terms of usable interface. The two problems that annoy me the most among the many problems that I have encountered since being forced by your site to make the “upgrade” are as follows:

1)         Every time I try to go back to my inbox from a message, it requires me to re-enter my password. That is just stupid; I have left a single message, not logged out and back into my mailbox. 

2)         I can not delete several messages at once. Yahoo stalls out for a goodly long time, and then simply decides to ignore the delete command. 

Please fix these problems, or allow users to go back to the older, better version of yahoo. 

I add the feedback that it took four attempts to load this feedback form. I can only assume this is either faulty programming on the Yahoo site, or many people are e-mailing their displeasure with the new YahooMail. In the interim, I went to Yahoo’s “contact us” section, which does not really allow users to e-mail their thoughts to anyone at yahoo. 

I just saw Yahoo’s post that: “We have removed the "Return to Original Mail" link from the help menu as we're strongly encouraging all users to migrate to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. We will continue to invest heavily in the latest version of Yahoo! Mail, further improving it and delivering more compelling features to our users. “  

The fact that this statement is even on Yahoo’s “contact us” page, indicates that many YahooMail users want to go back to the older, better version of YahooMail. Further, the phrase “strongly encouraged” reads like corporate-speak for, “we have forced all uses to conform to what we know is a sub-par system.” This ingenuous corporate speak is especially evident when it is paired with the next statement, that no, users cannot go back to the older, better version of the system. Yahoo then admits that the new version of YahooMail is in need of “heavy” investment, and “improvement.” 

In the next paragraph, Yahoo seems to blame its users that they are having trouble with the “differences that [the users] may notice.” These are not “differences.” These are problems with Yahoo’s new programming. The programming problems that I am encountering are Yahoo’s fault not my fault as a user. 

I would like to go back to the YahooMail classic, as it was a far better system.



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