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Another Fast Food Rant

This didn't happen to me but I thought it was pretty bad...

 My bf and I went into McD's for some dinner.  There were two people in line ahead of us.  One was an average middle aged woman and the other was an obviously PISSED drunk man.  Drunk man was trying to order some food (and everyone knows how GOOD McD's is when you are drunk!!!).  He had a $5 bill that had been torn in half.

Rude McD Lackey = RML
Drunk Guy = DG
Me = My jaw dropped to the floor

DG: wanna burger
RML: I CAN"T take a ripped up bill.  It HAS to be whole
DG: Ahhhhh?
RML: I am NOT going to take that bill, it is ripped up and I can't accept it.  Next please!
DG: But I wannna....
RML: You'll have to go somewhere else, I'm not going to serve you

So the McD's girl calls the next person up to the counter and the drunk guy is totally confused, just swaying back and forth, he is trying to figure out what just happened.  I know that you can accept a bill that has been torn in half; as long as the serial numbers on each half match, all you have to do is tape it up and there is no problem.  I have worked with cash for a LONG time and I thought that was standard knowledge.  Apparently not.

I know drunk people can be annoying, but this girl was so rude it was unbelievable.  The manager was in the back the entire time so even if the girl wasn't sure, she could have just asked her manager.  I was on my way up to this girl to say something, but my bf  stopped me.  He said that this guy could have been in there earlier causing a problem and that we didn't know the whole story.  Fine sez I but that doesn't excuse the girl's nasty ass attitude.


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