Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Webjet fail

I've just spent 3 days dealing with the clusterfuck that is Webjet, and I'm sick of it.

My husband and I are moving to the USA in September, and wanted to book our flights now that we have the money for them. The flights came to roughly $3600 with travel insurance on Webjet, about $400 cheaper than using the airline's (Hawaiian Air) website. So we booked the flights, entered in all our info, including our credit card info, and waited. This was on the 23rd. Our booking came up as partially confirmed, and the website said that someone from Webjet would contact us within 24 hours.

After 24 hours had passed with no contact from Webjet, I called them on the evening of the 24th. The guy who answered said that because Hawaiian Airlines weren't open on the weekends, they had to wait until the next day. Again, he said we would hear within 24 hours, but most likely the next morning.

The 25th comes and goes, and so I call them this morning. The guy says he will send an "endorsement" to the ticketing queue, and says, again, to give them 24 hours. I'm pretty pissed off by this stage, because seriously, how hard is it?

Tonight, I get an email from Webjet asking for a copy of my husband's driver's license or passport via email or fax - by 2pm on the 27th. So let me get this straight - they fuck around for 3 days, doing nothing, and then ask me to fax them some documents with less than 24 hours notice? I snapped, went to, found the same flight, booked it and paid for it, got a confirmation email and cancelled my whole goddamned booking with Webjet. Should have just done that in the first place, but Webjet was such a big name I thought I'd go with them.

I also note that if you cancel online with Webjet there's no fee, but if you cancel via the phone they charge you $50 per person! And they've charged some mysterious $9.55 fee to our card, too. We did also book another flight (a domestic one) with them that went through fine, so we have two charges: $221.90 for the domestic flights, and this weird $9.55 charge that has a nonsensical description next to it. Wtf, Webjet? I'm just hoping they cancel everything fine without any fees, given we never paid for the flights or got them fully confirmed. It said in the email that if we didn't provide the documents in time they couldn't guarantee the flight, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.

I find travel to be stressful enough without that kind of bullshit going on, honestly.

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