Oliver (ithinkdirt) wrote in bad_service,

issues with exchange: Carpediemstore.com

I am feeling frustrated with this company. Their prices are very good, but with the issue I have had I have not been adequately helped.

I placed an order on June 7th for some Copic Sketch markers. I received them the 10th of June. I was impressed with the time, but not so much when one of the markers had ink flow issues. It was just one of them, though, and I was otherwise pleased with the service I had received. I emailed, as per the FAQ, was told to send it back to the return address listed on the site [Jun 13th], so I do[~Jun 18]. Lacking other instructions, I wrote the order number on the box that the marker arrived in.

Around the same time I got news that we'd finally gotten a place to move, so I emailed customer support looking to find out the best way to deal with that [if things would be fast enough for it to go through to arrive at my then-current address, or if it was best to wait and have it sent to my would-be address when all was finalized and confirmed] - I mailed the thing off before I got news on where I'd be moving, and stated this in the email with my query.

I get an email back a couple days later [20th] to "include this email to expedite the process" - which, I'll be honest, I'm not sure which "this" email they meant. I guess the conversations. But what's done is done, it was sent off. I replied saying as such, but reminded them that I had written the order number on the box/item, which I would hope would help a little. That was also on the 20th of June.

No response.

July 5th, I email inquiring about my order - if the item was received, I reiterated the issue [dry marker] and the dates of communication. I also pasted the entirety of the previous emails with dates, so that the communication process was clear in case there were multiple people handling customer issues. I attached the photo of the product and its issue again.

No response.

I emailed, again, on July 19th, and while it has been only a handful of days I can't help but feel a sort of frustrated hopelessness. I was so excited about their prices! I recommended them to a ton of artist friends, and now I worry that I was a dope to do so.

For the non-artists and otherwise unaware out there: These markers retail for about $7 each and I paid about $4.85, so it's not "just one marker" out of a huge thing of Crayolas or something. ;P
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