I need a venti coffee....STAT! (dbaxdevilsfan) wrote in bad_service,
I need a venti coffee....STAT!

Dear Dumbass Telemarketer,

When you called my house the first time, and asked to speak to Susan, I politely informed you that there was no one here by that name. Getting louder and saying this is her number because she said so still does not put her in my house. Yes, I'm sure she's not here. Only my boyfriend, me and a cat live here. No I don't know her. Yelling at me only got you hung up on. Calling me back STILL does not make Susan appear in my house. So when I told you yet again that you have the wrong number and to NOT call here again, and hung up, calling a 3rd time only set me off. Oh yes I did call you what you thought I just said. And yes, I asked for a supervisor. See, where you fucked up, was calling me AFTER I said to never call again. And yes, I have your company's name AND phone number on my caller ID. Yeah, thats what I thought. You friggin jackass.

Sincerely hoping that your supervisor fires your ass,

(and normally I have no problems with wrong numbers or telemarketers. *UGH*)
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