a potato, but like, a really pretty potato (sephystabbity) wrote in bad_service,
a potato, but like, a really pretty potato

An update to Pizza Pizza b_s

Just an update to the bad service I posted here.

Well, I got  a reply back from customer service this morning:

Further to your email, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention
regarding the difficulty you encountered recently with Pizza Pizza. We at
Pizza Pizza pride ourselves on quality products and services, and apologize
for any disappointment you felt.

Thank you for letting us know of the situation. The Business Development
Manager who oversees that restaurant has been notified, we will look in on
the situation you described, and action will be taken to ensure no further

May we credit you $5 for another time to thank you for writing?

I was glad for the prompt reply and the fact that they took it seriously, so I just left it at that and thanked them for looking into the situation.

Tags: *pizzeria, follow-up

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