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No, the wine isn't just "dry"

 First post here, so I'm expecting the 'first do, no harm'-tag any second now.

I've recently been on a family vacation to the Czech Republic, and we ate out almost every day since dining out is really cheap there, compared to where we live. One night we went to this family owned restaurant that looked cozy, so we sat down and ordered drinks. Both my parents ordered a glass of red wine, since up until that point we'd been having beer nonstop (the Czech make really good beer), so it seemed like a nice change of pace. 

Well, a few minutes later and the drinks are on the table. My dad takes one sip of the wine and declares it undrinkable. Now I trust my parents' judgement when it comes to wine, they're the sort who like a nice glass for dinner once in awhile and they usually buy the good kind. They've even taught my brother and I to enjoy it, so I had a go at the wine too, and it really was awful, it tasted only of vinegar in the way wine does when it has been stored incorrectly or passed its expiration date. So we called over the waiter to complain.

My dad tells him the wine has gone bad, waiter shakes his head, saying it's just dry. My dad tells him again that, no, it has definitely gone bad. Waiter continues shaking his head, so my dad asks him if they can get replacements. Waiter YANKS the wine card that I'd been reading out of my hands and states that he would have to open a whole new bottle, and repeats that there is nothing wrong with the other one. Dad says fine, can they just have white wine instead? (My brother had white wine, which was fine). Waiter huffs and takes the red wine glasses away, and a short moment later we see him letting some regulars taste-test the wine we'd been given, like our judgement was not to be trusted. 

The kicker? Never saw even a glimpse of that white wine. No tip for you. 
Tags: *restaurant, liquor/tobacco/id cards, no one cares it's your first time
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