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I'm not wrong, so don't imply I am.

So, I had these two things happen within about a week of each other and I was pretty unimpressed with the implication I was in the wrong for both of them.

My friend has recently started working at a fairly swanky French restaurant close to home(she's a chef), and for her birthday she wanted to go out to dinner there because she wanted to try the food she had been cooking. Plus, nice restaurant that most of us really wanted to go to, good excuse for a group outing.

So there was maybe fifteen or so of us, a few tables had been pulled together and half of us had our backs to the window. Now, my gran was not entirely happy about our waitress not putting the cloth serviettes across laps(I wasn't bothered and it would have been impossible to do so on the side of the tables I was on), she didn't take the rather large menus with her when she took our orders(we had a large pile of them at the end f the table and my aunt was using them as an armrest before they got shunted to the floor) and when my dinner came out... It wasn't what I had ordered.

I did have a moment of dithering over lamb vs pork, but as the lamb was a casserole type dish and I'd had a soup entree, I decided on the pork. Everyone else heard me order pork. The waitress told me three times that I was wrong and I had actually ordered the lamb. After going back into the kitchen to see if I could get the pork instead she informed me it would be a 30min wait. I ended up splitting half my lamb dish with my friend who had ordered pork. Apparently this waitress messes up orders all the time and causes issues for the kitchen because of it.

The second one is a short one. A bunch of us go to our local Gloria Jean's for coffee and a chat after church. My brother gave me some cash to order his large fruit chiller, my sister gave me her wallet and wanted a small iced mocha and I had my frequent sippers card to get my regular soy creme brulee chiller free. I ordered, handed card and cash over, got my change(wasn't paying attention to the total, my bad) when the girl says to me that I had a free one and did I want to use it. Umm... yeah. Probably should have specified to begin with, again, my bad. I requested the regular soy chiller as the free one.

She got another girl over and said in bitchy voice that I shouldn't get the soy chiller free because it was the most expensive drink I'd ordered.

Um, what? I can hear you! The card specifies 'one free regular drink'. Regular being to size stated, regular being the size I expected free. The girl who she brought over was all "no problem, I'll just refund that drink" while the other girl gave an exaggerated sigh and opened the second till up to take other orders.
I was ready to tell her to refund all the drinks and put them through in three separate orders if she didn't acquiesce to her coworker.
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