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Pizza Pizza b_s. Not sure what to do about it.

Two instances of b_s over the same thing:

So my sister and I are regular customers at this nearby Pizza Pizza. Recently, the company had a promotion where if you buy one of their big slices, you have a chance to win stuff. I bought a big slice and got a coupon for free onion rings (about a $2+tax vaue). My sister aways buys big slices and so far she's won a coupon bottle of 500 m Pepsi and a can of garlic dip (about 70c value). 

1. So the week after I got my coupon, my sister goes to buy another slice for lunch, and since I'm accompanying her I decide to cash in the coupon for free rings. It's a tiny piece of paper saying what you've won, and the server on duty (one of the senior workers) look at the coupon for what is like forever and then blandly tells me they don't do onion rings here. He tells me he'll give me one chips packet instead.

I was pissed at this because chips cost 50c at this store and this coupon was for a $2 item, so if he was trying to be fair he'd have given me either a) a side dish of regular fries ($2+tax) or b) a small square slice ($1.77), both of which are the closest in value to the coupon. So I just took the coupon back, because I can use it at another place near a mall I go to, where I'm sure they have onion rings.

2. About a week later, my sister went to the same restaurant I went to with her coupons for a garlic dip and the Pepsi bottle. The server working this time was brand new to the job, and he gave my sister both the dip and the Pepsi as she bought another slice. Then, just as he was completing the transaction, another of the senior workers comes in on the scene and realizes what he's doing. She starts yelling at my sister, saying she's not supposed to do that. My sister is like, why not, I have the coupons and you have the promotion up on your big screen.

Then the server changes tracks and says that my sister can't cash in two coupons at once, and should have come in two separate times to do that. My sister points out that's written nowhere in the rules, and what's the big deal, they'll have to cash both coupons for her eventually anyways so why not just do it now. They give it to her in the end, but only because the guy already finished the transaction and had handed my sister both the free items.

Anyhow, I'm pissed about this, because this is not the first time they've tried to ignore a corporate promotional event, after advertising it. Last April they had advertised a promotion for $2 half-moon slices (where proceeds went to an organization) and after advertising it, they didn't have them in the store. I want to complain (just to give corporate a heads up about what's going on), but it's the senior managers there who're doing the ripping off, so I'm not sure how to complain about an entire store.

Can somebody give me advice on how to proceed about this? I'd really appreciate it.

Edited to add cut and fix grammar.
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