jellybeanstinks (jellybeanstinks) wrote in bad_service,

Update to Domino's bad service

My prior entry:

My feedback submitted on their website and my phone call to head office got me no response so I left a comment on their Facebook page.  Within 1 day I had a response from head office saying they passed the information onto the store.

This is what the store emailed to me (btw my husband's name is Julien):

I got the email from head office.  I am sorry that you thought it wasn't cooked.  The problem is that alfredo sauce makes pizza not cooked.  But I talked to the manager and delivery driver that night and they both said it was cooked.  Anyways we offer you 1 free pizza ok sorry about the misunderstanding i hope we didn't lose a customer."

I had no intention of ordering from there again, and I wasn't trying to get free pizza.  All I wanted was for someone to know there was an issue.  After reading this email, I'm glad I made the choice to quit ordering!

This is the email I sent to corporate:

I received a response from the Fairfield Heights store.  This is the exact email:

*Insert email*

I wasn't impressed.  I have gotten around 15 pizzas from this store before, exactly the same, and the pizza has always been cooked through.  There has never been a problem with the alfredo sauce.  If alfredo sauce makes pizza "not cooked" then either there is something wrong with their sauce or something wrong with the oven.  Alfredo sauce doesn't make pizza dough soggy and cold.  I just wanted to forward this email to you because I feel that the management doesn't take my complaint seriously.  I'm not asking for anything free from your company; I just want you to be aware that management basically says don't order alfredo sauce if you want your pizza cooked.

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