teffielynne (teffielynne) wrote in bad_service,

50% less product should equal more than $5 off

 This happened at the end of April and is more a WTF than an actual suck. I went to my local Meijer's to check out their suitcases because I was heading overseas at the beginning of May. I found a nice deal for two suitcases for $70. I get to the front, and start ringing myself out using the self scan. Before I ring up the suitcases I notice that the top of the box appears to have been opened. So, I look inside and discover that there is only one suitcase, not two. Now, this was the only box left and I really liked the suitcase, so I called for the assistant. I explain the situation and she calls a manager. The manager checks in the back, and then tells me they have no more in stock, but she can give me $5 off the one that's in the box. I seriously just stared at her. I wasn't expecting the suitcase to be free or anything, but half the product was missing, and the best she could do was $5 off? I thanked her and told her that I couldn't see myself paying that much for just the one suitcase, payed for my other items, and left. As I walked off I heard her talking to the self-check lady about how I was such a "bi***" and couldn't recognize a good deal if it "bit her on the a**."
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