yamikuronue (yamikuronue) wrote in bad_service,

Not even attempted service

Dear Pokemon Staff:

Your promotion is still running.

I have spent hours jumping through the hoops to earn the free gift that comes from the promotion. 

In one week, the promotion ends forever ,and I'll lose the chance to get my gift. 

Your system claims I'm not eligible due to, by your own admittance, a technical issue of some kind.

This is not an acceptable response to my query: 

We have already begun processing the final batch of Eevee Evolution ticket issues. Due to the time frame of the event, we are unable to process any further tickets before the end-date of the promotion, July 20th. Please refer to the link below for additional information. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

WTF. The promotion is STILL RUNNING. It hasn't ended. But you claim you can't fix it in a week therefore I'm SOL, sorry. The real end date was June 28, when you stopped accepting support tickets, apparently. 

Fuck off, I'm buying a Gameshark :/ 
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