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Guess Who

Ticketmaster/Kroger minor suck

It's not a crazy crazy bad service, but it's bad enough to be annoying and worth complaining about. [I've already told my friends, they don't wanna keep listening to me haha]

Got kinda long, so it's under the cut

My favorite band, Hanson [go ahead and get your laughs now] is going on a 40 show tour in the US, before going on a big tour in Europe and stuff. They had a presale for some of the shows on Thursday, including the show we want to go to. We looked at what we wanted, but couldn't find a good seat [it's at the HOB in Cleveland, and the balcony is seated, but the rest is GA]. So we called up Ticketmaster to ask them if we could use the presale code on the phone, or if we could go into a store to buy them [we were also having trouble with it timing out, so it wasn't just an issue with finding seats] And the gentleman told us that they don't release ALL the tickets for a presale, or they run the risk of selling out, with nothing for the general public. We get that. So he told us that we could try calling the next day [or going in to a store] when they went on sale, because they could look up all of the available seats, rather than just giving us the "best available" the way the site gives us.

So my partner and I went to the closest Kroger to us to get tickets. We got there about 9:55am, with tickets going on sale at 10. We were talking about how we hoped it would be our turn in line before the tickets went on sale and whatnot [not being annoying, just conversationally] and one of the customer service people came over and messed with the computer that went with Ticketmaster then walked away. She came back about 2 minutes or so before 10 [at least, according to the clock on the wall] and asked if we wanted Ticketmaster. When we told her we did, she commented that her coworker hadn't turned on the system, so we'd have to wait for it to boot up. [We guessed that's what she was doing before hand but we don't know for sure]

She asked us what tickets we wanted, and we told her, Hanson, at the House of Blues in Cleveland, so that she could get it loaded up and ready before actually being able to sell them. It said 10 on the wall clock, but she said the computer still said 9:58. [Not arguing about that, sometimes the computers will say a different time than wall clocks/cell phones and whatnot]

As soon as it hit 10am [on the computers clock] she clicked, then looked at us and said "sold out". We looked at each other, then back at her and asked if she could double check, and see if she could buy two separate single seats, we wouldn't mind having two single seats instead of two together, as we could probably find someone to switch with us. [did that last year lol]. And she shrugged and told us that there was nothing available. She didn't check, didn't click anything else [it wasn't loud, so we could hear every click of the keyboard and the mouse]. We said thanks anyway and left, commenting about how it felt that she just didn't care, and din't actually want to do her work. It's hard to convey that in words, but the entire time, she acted like she didn't want to do her job, that we were making her do something she didn't want to do.

Oh, and the "sold out" bit? When we got home, my partner called up Ticketmaster while I went online, and within ten minutes, we had tickets. The lady on Ticketmaster went above and beyond trying to help us out, and told us that she was looking right at the map of seats, and could see what was available and what was already sold.

We called Kroger and talked to someone at the service desk, but we doubt anything will be done. We're seriously thinking about calling back and talking to someone in management, but as this happened on Friday, I don't know how much would be done about it.

Like I said, it wasn't a major suck, but it was still really damn annoying. I've been a Hanson fan for 15 years, and aside from the first tour, as far as I can remember, they have NEVER sold out a venue that I've gone to. [I can't say never ever sold out, because I'm sure a couple has been sold out, but none of the shows I've been to have been sold out lol]. The lady at Kroger could have just handled it better, or at least been polite about it.
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