Pyrofuego (pyrofuego) wrote in bad_service,

Balloon festival WTF

Three weeks ago, a neighboring town hosted a balloon festival. They had quite a few events that were scheduled to take place, including balloon launches at dawn on Saturday and Sunday and a balloon glow at dusk on Saturday.

I went to the launch on Saturday morning, and my Nikon and I had a great time. I was really looking forward to getting some more shots that evening. The event schedules posted at the balloon field said that the glow would begin at 8:30pm; the balloon festival's website said it would be from 8:15 to 9:00.

We got to the field around 7:50 so we wouldn't miss anything. It was completely empty. Considering how fast the teams set everything up that morning, I thought maybe they just hadn't started yet. We hung around the carnival that was set up across the road, and kept an eye on the field, but nobody ever showed up. We asked quite a few people about it, and nobody had any idea if the glow had been canceled or they'd changed the time. We finally gave up and headed home around 9:30.

I tried emailing the organization that hosted it and didn't get a response. I still have no idea what happened. o_o

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