laurafreak (laurafreak) wrote in bad_service,

Seagull clothing store

I bought a $25 shirt from Seagull. I noticed it a snag in it, plus I didn't like the sleeves. I went to return it, the girl was about to give me store credit (their policy is they don't give your cash/credit back). I had the receipt, tags and plastic hangy strips were still on it.
The manager walks over, grabs the shirt, SNIFFS IT, then inspects it. She sees the little snag and says I ripped it. I say that I didn't, I just bought it 2 days ago, tried it on, noticed the snag and didn't like it anyway (sleeves were too loose). She keeps accusing me of ripping because I didn't know how to put it on and all the girls return damaged stuff and yadda yadda. I go back and forth with her and she keeps screaming at me. No one inspected the shirt when I bought it, how does she know it wasn't already snagged when I bought it? I worked in 2 clothing stores, clothes would get damaged all the time from people rifling through them roughly, hangers getting caught, getting dropped on the floor and ppl running over them, etc...
I asked for a manager, of course she was the manager.
I asked for an owner, of course she was the owner.
I asked for a corporate number, she says she is corporate.

I finally just take the shirt and leave while she's still yelling at me. My customers suck was I finally said "Are you fucking kidding me?" to her.

I need to find their corporate info so I can complain!! I tried to Google and can't find any info, so I'm sure I'm stuck with this dumb ripped shirt and I'll never get my money back.

They even marked up my receipt that I was getting store credit, the amount, time, etc... so I probably couldn't even take it to another store.

I'm so embarrassed and infuriated!! Seriously, their clothing is crappy quality anyway, $25 was way more than I would ever spend in a store like that. I didn't expect it to last more than a few washes, but I thought it would be cute to wear out a few times. But to not even get to wear it once and the manager accusing me of shit? UGH

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