Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in bad_service,

I avoid making phone calls at all costs when it comes to dealing with something important, such as calling the Creditcard company to tell them I can't pay them. I have horrible anxiety about it and the lady at Discover did not help me to feel any better at all.

I was calling to take advantage of the Payment Assistance because I'm unemployed, because I was hospitalized. I only told her that it was because I was unemployed, because I really hate going into the hospitalization. So, basically she says that because I resigned from my position I can't use the benfits. Okay, whatever, I'll live.

Then she starts probing as to WHY I resigned. I know that "hospitalization" is one of the thing they cover in the program, so I tell her it's because I was hospitalized. Oh, good, we can try and process it that way.

"why were you hospitalized"-lady
"it was personal, do you have to know?"-me
"sever depression and anxiety"-me
*silence for a good 30 - 45 seconds no typing nothing*-her
"So you're crazy? Did you try to kill yourself?" -her

I hung up on her. I should have asked to speak to a supervisor, but I don't like being called crazy and I was about to burst into tears. I didn't have the... ability.

Really?! REALLY?! I really, really doubt that on the forms it tells her to ask me that.
Tags: *banking/finance, ^wtf, credit cards, define: doozy, omfg, psycho clerk, uncaring service
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