kaibluepheonix (kaibluepheonix) wrote in bad_service,

BBQ sauce fun!

This is the first time i have posted to this community and while reading another Dominos pizza story, i remembered one that me and my partner experienced. I'm not sure if this is proper bad_service or just a little sucky.

My partner and i decided to phone Dominos in our local town for a delivery. We order and half-n-half: mine with just cheese and tomato and my partners with the meaty one (can't remember the name), along with some garlic bread.

So, our order comes in about 25 minutes (the town in 10mins away) and everything looks fine. We pay, driver leaves. When we sit down to eat, i take a bite out of my half and find that theres bbq sauce on my side, which i find very strange and as much as i like bbq sauce, i don't like it with cheese, besides the fact i ordered tomato anyway.

Now my partner doesn't like bbq sauce (which is our suck i know) but he cannot eat it. We phone up Dominos and say that theres bbq sauce on my side rather than tomato, but when we order another one, we ask for there NOT TO BE ANY BBQ SAUCE AT ALL on the pizza. To my recolection, that would make our pizza one of those customisable pizzas.

Order comes again in 25 minutes and partners half of the pizza is covered in bbq sauce again. When we phoned up again, the staff starts getting huffy saying that it should come with bbq sauce, even though he asked for there not to be any.

Now not to be funny, but i have worked in the food and hospitality industry for seven years now. If someone asks to remove an ingredient from a dish because they don't like it or are allergic to it, we remove it! So what would have happened if my partner was actually allergic to the stuff. You are able to have pizzas that are totally customisable but, why was it so difficult to make a pizza without bbq sauce. I would gladly wait longer for them to make a fresh one.

In the end they did deliver us a pizza without any bbq sauce (that wasn't too difficult) and we did give quite a big tip to the driver for the annoyance.

Do you think i'm being too sensitive?

Edit: Now that i think about it, i tried to order my BF's half with one that had a title, but the Dominos i ordered from said they didn't do it, so i asked for just some chicken and sausage (or something along those lines). Perhaps that may be a reason why we didn't know about the BBQ sauce??
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