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This just happened and I need to vent. Backstory: I got a new laptop and was installing all of my games to it. I have the CDs and cases, but have misplaced two manuals (Dragon Age Origins and the expansion Awakening). I contacted EA's online customer support because it's convenient, 24 hrs, and giving my e-mail verbally is annoying. Come to find out, there's another issue entirely. My birth date is incorrect and that's how they verify accounts. So my new issue is I need to fix it. The first log is from early this morning (2am-ish) where the issue was discovered. The second is after I slept, gotten more patient, and came back to resolve the issue. Removed irrelevant information to save from tl;dr. (Private info changed to *)

Transcript 1
'Rajan' has joined the chat.
Rajan: Hi Amber.
Amber M: Hello. I recently moved and lost my CD/install key for Dragon Age Origins and was wondering how to get a new one.
Rajan: Nice to meet you.
Rajan: Don't worry I will try my best to resolve the issue.
Rajan: Please provide me your EA email account.
Amber M: ****
Rajan: Thank you. Please provide me some time so that I can check the issue.
Amber M: Sure
Rajan: In order to assist you further we need to escalate the issue to level 2 support. Please wait for few moments the higher support will address the issue in some time.
'Rajan' disconnected ('Transferred to Queue').
Hi, my name is Monty B.. How may I help you?
Monty B.: Please give me a moment while I review the Chat Log so that I can understand exactly what the issue you are having is today and the troubleshooting steps that have already been done. Your time is very valuable to me and I do not want to waste it by doing troubleshooting steps we have already followed through with. Please take note of the following Chat ID: 888054. This will be very important if you happen to get disconnected anytime during this chat or need to refer back to this same issue. You can always get back in contact with Live Chat and give the next Agent your ID so you do not need to re-explain anything.
Monty B.: where was the game purchased?
Amber M: GameStop
Amber M: Wait, sorry, Best Buy.
Monty B.: Please give me just a moment while I look into this further.
Amber M: It's store number 425 if that helps.
Monty B.: thank you
Monty B.: please hold a moment
Monty B.: can I please have the date of birth on your EA account?
Amber M: **/**/1987
Monty B.: **** the email address?
Amber M: Yes.
Monty B.: The date of birth I have on the account is different
Amber M: One moment and let me check it.
Monty B.: ok
Amber M: If I'm logged in under the EA account, where can I locate it? I can't seem to find it.
Monty B.: You can not see it on the account. can i have your serial key?
Amber M: Do you mean the serial/install key for the game that I'm contacting you about because I lost it?
Monty B.: I'm checking back with you to let you know that I am still here but your issue is turning out to be a little more complex then I expected. I thank you for being so patient with me.
Amber M: It's fine.
Amber M: I'm trying to.
Amber M: And you're sure that the birthdate isn't ****, 1987?
Monty B.: no,
Amber M: Well, that's interesting.
Amber M: Is there any other way to verify an account?
Monty B.: I will make an exception for you this once and grant you the code.
Amber M: Or update my birthdate?
Monty B.: I can not make changes with out the old date of bith on the account
Amber M: My question is how could I make the change to the correct birthdate?
Amber M: Just in case there are future problems, I know that the information is correct.
Monty B.: If you can log onto the account you can add a credit card to the account and I could verify that to make changes to the profile info
Amber M: That's a bit impossible.
Amber M: I don't have a credit card.
Amber M: And still does not resolve the "Incorrect Birthdate" issue.
Monty B.: I can not change that with out you providing the correct date first
Amber M: I'm not asking for you to change it. I'm asking how I can.
Monty B.: the only other way is to link a debit or credit card (even a prepaid visa will work) to this account and verify that info to change the DOB.
Monty B.: you can not
Amber M: Well I can send an e-mail of the last time I contacted customer support for EA. I gave them my email of **** and the birthdate of **/**/1987 and it was correct then.
Amber M: And since I haven't added a credit card, my birthdate shouldn't have been changed.
Monty B.: This has never been changed, I would see the changes on the accoun, this has not changes since the account was created
Amber M: Exactly. So why did it work in March but not now?
Monty B.: The agent just assist ed you with out that, the company policy says we can not make changes to an account without prper verification. That is either DOB or CC#.
Monty B.: If you link billing info to your account I can change the DOB, but I can not make a change to this account without the DOB or billing info.
Monty B.: I am willing to make a onetime code grant for you still.
Amber M: I know and I appreciate that just now it seems I have another issue.
Monty B.: what would that be?
Amber M: That the birthdate on my account is incorrect.
Amber M: And there is absolutely no way for me to fix it without adding a credit card?
Monty B.: there is not

Transcript 2
Norman: Hi, my name is Norman. How may I help you?
Amber M: Hello. This is kind of three steps. I need to add a credit card to my account in order to update my birth date.
Norman: You want to update the date of birth on EA account.
Amber M: Essentially, yes. I had issues yesterday with account verification.
Norman: Ok, Could you just elaborate the issue you're facing ?
Amber M: Long story made short: I moved, I do not have a few of my CD keys. When I contacted customer support, they said I had to verify my account with my birthdate. I gave them my actual birthdate which they said was incorrect.
Amber M: I was then told that the ONLY way to update my birth date was to add a credit card to the account.
Norman: Please allow me few moments to check this.
Amber M: Sure
Norman: Due to the nature of the issue, I’ll need to forward the matter for further review. One of our Senior Support staff members will review the matter in live chat support.
Amber M: ok
Norman has disconnected.
Eric S.: Hi, my name is Eric S.. How may I help you?
Amber M: Hello.
Amber M: I need to add a credit card to my account in order to correct my birth date.
Eric S.: sure I would love to assist you with that issue mate
Amber M: Awesome. Because it's frustrating.
Amber M: I can do it manually with some help or give you the information. Whichever works best.
Eric S.: may I have your EA Account email address Amber?
Amber M: ****
Eric S.: can you please verify the date of birth
Amber M: No, I can't.
Amber M: My correct birthdate is **/**/1987
Amber M: I was told that's incorrect for my account.
Amber M: I was then told that to fix it, I had to add a credit card. And here I am.
Eric S.: can you verify the last 4 digits of the card on the account
Amber M: There isn't one.
Amber M: I"m trying to add one.
Eric S.: under the **** I see an card active as we speak Amber
Amber M: **** (last 4 credit card numbers)
Eric S.: thank you, do you want me to get rid of that card ?
Amber M: that's correct?
Amber M: That's the one I was going to add@
Amber M: !
Eric S.: oh yes it is a Mastercard and it is active on the account
Amber M: Ok, so can I fix my birth date now?
Eric S.: I'm so sorry Amber, but we cannot edit your DOB, once the account is created it is sealed in cement forever
Amber M: Since I verified my account card, can you tell me the birth date that is on the account?
Eric S.: sure it is entered at **-**-1970
Amber M: Wow
Eric S.: not close to your actual DOB?
Amber M: I was born in 1987
Amber M: So not at all.
Amber M: What would be the best method to fix this? Just create a new account with the correct birthdate?
Eric S.: you can do that if you like Amber
Amber M: I wouldn't like to at all. I'm still trying to figure out how the birthdate is incorrect.
Eric S.: yes a lot of customers enter fake dob's maybe to protect there accounts
Amber M: I've done that, too, but that doesn't match my fake one either.
Amber M: I'm just confused. Last night I was told I could correct this if I added a credit card to my account, and it would use that DOB.
Eric S.: oh I see I apologize for the confusion and the miss-interpretation of how your EA account works
Amber M: I didn't misinterpret anything.
Amber M: I can give you the ticket number if you want.
Eric S.: no not you Amber the agent
Amber M: I was literally told, clearly, that's how to fix this.
Eric S.: I checked your account and there was no suspicious activity
Amber M: I don't believe there to be any, it's just someone lied about how to fix this.
Eric S.: I apologize for any inconveniences, if there was a way to edit your DOB I would Amber
Amber M: I would just like for you to review the chat log. The ID is 888054
Amber M: Direct from the transcript: Monty B.: the only other way is to link a debit or credit card (even a prepaid visa will work) to this account and verify that info to change the DOB.
Amber M: That says, to me, quite clearly that by adding a card with the correct information would allow me to edit my DOB on my EA account.
Eric S.: yes I apologize again the agent may not have been updated or informed of the policy
Amber M: Well, that seems like a VERY important policy for them to know.
Amber M: It's a flat-out lie.
Eric S.: I agree with you 100% I will see that he is updated with the correct information

I then contacted customer support via phone and they fixed my birth date in about five minutes. Literally. I'm just mad that the online agents lied and frustrated that they ask for information I just told them I didn't have. The second one has a part about me saying I lost my manual and he asks me to send him a picture of said lost manual. (Also the credit card part is my old pay card from a year ago that I thought may work and happened to, so it was an unintentional lie, not intentional.)

Edit due to missed starring out an e-mail. Second edit to fix the one found by others. It's been that kind of day.
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