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My family placed an order at Domino's Pizza online tonight.  We ordered 3 pizzas and got them in about 15 minutes.  Pretty good timing, but I wish they had taken more time to cook one of the pizzas.  The pepperoni pizza was soggy and undercooked in the middle, and cold to the touch.  The other 2 were fine.  I called them back to request a new pizza and the person on the phone actually fought with me about it.  He said "it SHOULD be done, it went all the way through the oven."  I had to tell him 3 times that no, it wasn't done.  I asked for a new pizza to be sent out (and of course they could take the under-cooked one).  It arrived in 7 minutes.  Not a good sign.  The store is 3 minutes away, so thats a max of 4-5 minutes in the oven. 

I looked at the new pizza as the delivery driver ran off down my driveway and it was more undercooked than the first!  Half the cheese was off, slopped in the corner.  The other half wasn't even melted.  And the pizza was so undercooked it was difficult to lift off the box.  At this point my family had already eaten so I cooked it in the oven for 15 minutes before it was done. 

I emailed corporate, but I don't know if a phone call to the store is worth it.  We pick up pizzas from there alot and the workers don't seem to care too much for their jobs.  The last time we went in the store, the manager was practically humping the new trainee (standing over her, flirting, playing with her hair) and the rest of the staff was playing with cellphones and joking around.
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