Jen (my_name_is_jenn) wrote in bad_service,

Just give me my mudslide, please!

I went out to Applebees with my family last night. We've been here dozens of times and know quite a few members of the wait staff.

The waiter comes to take our orders and I order my food and a mudslide. The waiter looks at me, looks at my mother and sister sitting next to me, and looks back at me. "You're not 21. You can't have alcohol."

Now, I'm used to this. I look far younger than I am. I'm routinely mistaken for a high school student. So I pulled out my license and handed it to him, saying, "I'm actually 27. Here you go."

He barely glances at my license and shakes his head. He tells me he's seen plenty of people in his lifetime and there's no way I'm 21. I again inform him that he's holding my driver's license in his hand, which says that I was indeed born in 1984. I'm even wearing the same shirt and glasses as in the picture. He tosses it on the table and says, "Well it's a forgery. You're not 21." Then freaking walks away (he'd already taken my mother's and sister's orders).

I went to the entrance where the hostess was standing and asked if she could get the manager. He came out and I told him what had happened. Luckily I know the manager and he knows my family really well. So he went off in search of the waiter and I'm assuming he took care of things because the next thing I know the waiter is walking over with my mudslide. He looks angry as hell and kind of rudely slams it down on the table in front of me. "Well how was I supposed to know you really were over 21? Here's your mudslide. It's on the house."

And he walked away again.


At least I got a free mudslide?
Tags: *restaurant, everyone here looks like a fetus
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