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Not All Teenagers Are Thieves...

The "Do I Look Like a Hooligan Post?" post below reminded me of this incident that occurred in high school.

I remember being in high school and going to the local drugstore/5 and 10 cent store to take a look around after school with the idea of maybe buying something.  Hairspray, makeup, a sketch pad to draw on (since I liked to draw),  whatever it was that high school kids bought back then.  

As I was looking around, a gentleman (loss prevention guy maybe)  accused me of stealing something that I had been looking at...a baby teether for my nephew.  To this day I remember him coming up to me and asking me what I had done with the baby teething ring.  I also remember being totally embarassed and mortified by the accusation, especially when I told him that I had put it back on the rack, which was the truth, and it was clear that he didn't believe me because he asked me if I was sure. 

Seriously, if I had even been inclined to steal something back then, I doubt it would have been a baby teething ring.  I remember going home extremely upset and crying and telling my mom about what happened.  Well, needless to say she was super pissed, especially since I was a good kid who did well in school and didn't cause my parents a lick of trouble.  She immediately went back to the store and read them the riot act and basically told them how dare they accuse her daughter of stealing.  They used an excuse of something along the lines about having a problem with the kids in the neighborhood coming in and stealing stuff.  Which probably was very true but hey, if you are going to accuse someone of stealing in front of a store full of people, you better damn well have proof of it.  (If I were accused of something like this now, I probably would dump my purse out on the floor and start stripping naked in the aisle to prove them wrong !)

Because there weren't a whole lot of places in the neighborhood back then to shop, needless to say I went back there on a few occassions to get stuff I needed/wanted.  And there was another incident, where I had items in my arms and  clearly was intent on purchasing them, and was browsing the magazine rack looking through the teenybopper magazines to see if I wanted to buy any of them.  Well, the store manager at the time came up to me and told me that I had to hurry up and I couldn't take all day in the store if I wasn't buying anything. 

Well, clearly, I was planning on buying something since I was carrying the items I wanted to purchase.  This time though, I was a bit better prepared with my answer.  I asked her if she talked to all her  paying customers that way, and she repeated that I couldn't take all day if I wasn't buying anything.  I then proceed to drop the items I was carrying into the aisle and said if she was going to treat me that way, then yes, I wouldn't be buying anything and she could keep the stuff.  I will admit that that last  bit was probably bordering on a customers_suck on my part, but  having previously been accused of stealing when I hadn't been, I wasn't about get treated like that again when I wasn't doing anything wrong.  And after that time, I went to another store to get whatever I needed, that, while a little bit further away, didn't treat all their young customers as potential thieves. 
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