Cassandra Terra (cassandraterra) wrote in bad_service,
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Apartment WTF?!!

This did NOT happen to me, but to my friend M.

My friend M is moving out and into a new apartment. She's already put down her security deposit but hasn't signed anything. She's slated to move in next week on the 6th. Everything was going great until today. The apartment people call her and say SURPRISE! The guy in your apartment has backed out last minute and isn't moving. We don't have anything else for you about maybe in August?

o.O What the hell? Can they do that? They promised to "call her back" to see if they can fix something up for her. But I doubt it. I hope she can get her security deposit back. She's fuming mad. This just adds to her bad luck streak she's been having.

EDIT: So apparently not really bad service.

EDIT 2: They hashed it out and she's moving into a different apartment complex under same management (third floor...oh god when I help her move I'm going to die) and they gave her a "nicer" apartment for less. So it turned out well!
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