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Help with a letter of complaint

One of the local supermarkets just renovated and they now have a kitchen area where you can order subs, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, etc. I've only eaten there four times since they opened but the food is pretty good. My problem is that it is set up like a 30' long deli counter with absolutely no queuing system or numbered ticketing system. Pretty much whoever manages to get an employees attention first orders first regardless of how long anyone else has been waiting to order.

I'd like some critique on this letter before I send it because I'm getting tired of having to "police" the...I want to say line cutters but since there is no line to begin with I guess that wouldn't be absolutely correct.

I was given your name and the above address in response to my request as to where I could make a formal complaint about the new Market’s Kitchen at the renovated ****, NH store.

My complaint is in regards to the lack of a line or queuing system.

On my first visit to the new Market’s Kitchen I had to ask an employee how one went about placing an order. I received a vague response about standing in front of the area that displays the food I want to order and getting an employees attention. At another time I tried to order a sandwich from the sandwich area and was told to go to the grill area and to make sure the other customers already there had already ordered.

On two subsequent visits I had to interrupt another customers order to inform the employee that I had been there ahead of the person who was ordering and had not yet ordered.

Today when I approached the Market Kitchen area there were three customers milling in front of the grill area. One employee called out asking for the next person and one of these three proceeded with placing an order. I asked the other two customers if they had ordered yet and they replied that they had not. A fourth customer walked up and stood directly in front of the case. A second employee asked the fourth customer if they could help them and the fourth customer proceeded to place their order. This is what prompted me to write this letter.

I do not blame the employees, I hardly expect them to stock, clean, prepare orders and manage to know who was next in line. I don’t blame the customers as there is no signage or numbering system.

I do not believe it should be the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are not cutting ahead of other customers and to make sure that other customers are not cutting ahead of them. As it stands now the rudest and/or most clueless customer orders first unless another customer steps in and prevents it.

I request that you institute a numbered ticketing system as is used in the deli or provide signs that state something such as, “LINE STARTS HERE” at the one or more areas where customers are supposed to place their orders.
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