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"Larian Games Support Team,

I recently purchased The Dragon Knight Saga via Steam.
Activation went without a problem and I am able to run the game, however directly after character creation when I bring my new character up to the first village, the game will freeze in perpetual loading. I am able to look up and down and open inventory screens, but unable to look side to side or move in any direction. Google tells me that this is because of a broken dialogue file of some kind.
The support utility and patcher I found on the Larian support page says it is unable to locate the install of the game (presumably because it is a Steam copy) and Steam itself offers remarkably little support for this problem, hence why I have been unable to include a .xml report.

If you are able to provide me with these files I need somehow, or can otherwise instruct me how to get my game running I would very much appreciate it as currently I cannot play the game I paid for. Understandably I am quite disappointed that I have had to go through hoops just to play the game after having bought it and it is very unfortunate that the game was released with such a glaring problem.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding,


I am completely pissed off about this. Recently, The Dragon Knight Saga went up on sale on Steam for 50% off. I had a look and it looked fun so I decided to spend my hard earned moneycash on a copy. I eagerly started it up for the first time and can't get five minutes into the game before it breaks.

How the fuck could a game have been released with such a problem? How the hell could this have made it past even the most basic of testing? Did they just not test the bastard? Just did the final compile and went, 'Awesome Joe, burn it to a CD and sell it!' without even checking to make sure it works as intended?

There were no warnings about this apparently well known problem on Steam, and Steam has also apparently not gotten with the fucking program as Larian has released two subsequent patches that fix the problem but there's no way to update a Steam-obtained copy of the game with aforementioned utility.

So, long story short, I can't play my game I just bought. £14.99 pissed away at this point.

What the fuck, Larian?
What the fuck, Steam?
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