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I thought I was done with this

Update to this post .

About a week after my appointment, the doctor called me back with the results of my blood work. She left a message which consisted of talking pretty quietly even though there was a baby screaming in the background, forcing me to replay the message three times to get everything she was saying. Everything’s fine but my cholesterol was high (what?) and she lectures me some more about getting my weight down. I just…whatever.I don’t have my name as part of my outgoing message and my number has a lot of repeating numbers that can trip people up [looks something like (xxx)-335-5444] so I'm kind of annoyed at getting such a revealing message when there's no confirmation she has the right number. My doctors will usually just ask me to call back for my results if I don't pick up. I doubt it’s a HIPAA violation, but it’d be nice if she didn’t just leave my info in a message like that.

Anyway, she pretty much only did two things right during my visit; asked if I wanted to a 90 day supply for my birth control and told me she’d run a thyroid panel on my blood work and have it sent to my endocrinologist since my appointment with him was in a month. Well, as I added to the last post, she managed to screw my BC up and prescribed a 30 day supply with three refills but the pharmacy got that fixed for me. My endo appointment was last week so I called to see if they got my results and, surprise surprise, they didn’t. I decided to just pick it up and bring it instead of asking the office to send it because I don’t really trust them to find their asses with both hands at this point.

Out of curiosity, I decided to go over all of the results instead of just the thyroid stuff and find that I have quite a couple of high and low notations next to some things, none of which were mentioned to me. I did some Googling and came to a conclusion on my own, but I wanted a second opinion so I faxed a copy over to my best friend (she has degrees in biology and lab technology and works for the Red Cross), told her what the doctor said but didn’t say what I thought. She calls me not even a minute later and the first words out of her mouth are “You’re anemic and she didn’t fucking tell you?” For some background info, three generations of women in my family have experienced pica (usually ice and cornstarch), followed by anemia and eventually followed by fibroids. My mother’s condition was so severe that she needed a blood transfusion because she was down to 4-5 pints of blood and eventually had a hysterectomy to get rid of the fibroids because nothing else worked. When I first started experiencing pica cravings years ago, I insisted that all of that information be put in my file and that I be notified of any signs of even slightest anemia because my cravings started much earlier (like 15+ years) than everybody else's. I am livid.

My friend goes through the rest of the results with me and is practically fuming by the end. All of my high and low levels are related to anemia, liver function and cholesterol, all of which pertain to my history or hypothyroidism and should have been mentioned to me. She’s especially pissed about her using the cholesterol to lead into another admonishment about my weight because hypothyroidism is the second highest cause of high cholesterol besides diet and since I’ve never had an issue with it before, it’s most likely due to that. I was still debating whether to complain about her or not, but I’ve definitely decided to now. I would have never known about any of this if I hadn’t gotten the results myself and who knows how bad the anemia could’ve gotten by the time I had another physical.
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