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Just a nice WTF to start the day...


Yeah, you're awesome. Seriously. Came right on time, everything seems to be here, the driver walked me through the bill... Life is good! I love your easy delivery system!

But err... I don't know if this is a practical joke, if you bag everything up with different people so nobody noticed but... this is a bit confusing.

I ordered forty four items. Now that it has arrived, I have eighty one plastic bags. Almost every single item is in its own bag, and things like my milk? You've doubled bagged each 2 pint bottle, my sausages (weighing less than 200gs) are double bagged, and my eggs are all on their lonesome as well. Each bag of pasta, each sauce bottle, each bag of sugar... everything is in its own bag.

Not that  I mind really, but... just why does my cereal need to be a seperate bag from my crisps? Is it bad or something?

My kitchen is a sea of plastic bags. I have nowhere to put all this plastic, and recycling it is a pain in the backside, since our bin is already full. I don't mind the good intention of keeping my stuff safe, but really?
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