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Slight WTF service...

The bf and I are currently out on vacation (on a certain island near NL), and decided to try something a little fancier than normal. Upon arriving at the restaurant (at about 12:45 p.m.), we waited for about five minutes until we were even noticed (yes, I did try speaking up, but the bf didn't want to make any waves). The waiter seated us, gave us our menus, and took off.

Me: ...I think there's only one waiter for the entire place!
BF: Well, it's only one room...
Me: Yes, but there's at least ten full tables in here!

The waiter came to take our order... and then walked away several times during the order to serve/bus other tables. They also had a display of dishes that you could choose from for the lunch special.

BF: We'll have two grilled salmons, please.
Waiter: ...we're out of salmon. Or, we might not be. Let me check. *Disappears for about five minutes, takes other plates to tables* No, I'm sorry, we're out of salmon.
BF: Oh, okay, we'll have the lamb, then.
Waiter: Oh, I think we're out of lamb, too. Let me check. *Disappears off to the back again as BF rolls his eyes - and BF's one of the most patient people I know* Yes, we're out of the lamb as well.
Me/BF: *Making "o.O" faces - why do you have it on the list, and why wouldn't you mention you were out to customers?* Ah... well, what *do* you have?

Thankfully, we managed to get something (another kind of fish), and the food itself was excellent. (As it turns out, there was only one chef as well.)

There was also the ferry that was supposed to leave at 2:30 p.m., but left at 2:10 instead - if BF and I hadn't arrived at the terminal at 2:00, we would have been stranded for another 24 hours (seriously messing up our itinerary).

So, not quite BAD service, but certainly a few WTF moments.

ETA: It could have been solved by having more than one waiter (my opinion). D'oh.
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