Kurenai Airen (kurenaiairen) wrote in bad_service,
Kurenai Airen

The USPS post reminded me of my own issue with them as well. I have no idea who delivers the mail, because we haven't received a package or anything yet at our new apartment. However our mail has it's own mail box. It's not labeled (yet) but they keep putting our mail in another persons mail box. I don't live at 310 Maple St., hell I don't even live on Maple St! Stop putting my mail in another persons box, rude. Just because you don't want to reach over 2 inches past the bush (that I didn't plant) just to put it into our box doesn't mean you can put it in someone else's mail box because you're lazy. I'll be labeling the mailbox tomorrow and if it continues I will be speaking the the USPS office down the road.
Tags: delivering bad service, postal service
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