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USPS Bad Service? Or maybe not.

Hello. I've never posted here before, but I've been lurking for a long time. My problem is with the USPS. I have complained before and nothing has changed. What is my problem? One specific mail carrier, an older guy who never wants to get out of the truck. This might be a little long. You see, we have the lockbox type mail boxes. There are 6 regular sized boxes together in a block, and two larger boxes for packages, or large envelopes so they aren't bent or damaged. Now, the postman can open the back of the mailbox for the 6 mailboxes. For the package boxes, s/he has to physically get out of the mail truck and open the box from the front and place the package in it. Then whoever recieves the package gets the customer key to it in their regular box. 

Our regular carrier stuffs everything he can into the small box. Today I got two textbooks (soft cover, but still) along with our other regular mail. I had to spend several minutes trying to gently work the package out of the box so I didn't end up ripping the shipping envelope (and the books themselves). This happens all the time, even with hard boxes. Usually it's magazines/catalogs and paper letters that get damaged from being shoved in. Oh and Netflix dvds have been nearly bent as well.  Although I admit I have accidently ripped some stuff trying to get it out of the box.

Should I just be glad I get my mail, even if it gets damaged? Right now, since the the complaints haven't worked, I worry about doing anything else in case he decided to lose some of my mail. Until I can move, I think I will just have suck up any bad service on their part. And use FedEx.
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