caitie (asaintedsinner) wrote in bad_service,

I was at Walmart today doing my father's day shopping and I picked up a 5 hour energy at the register. I got carded, which didn't surprise me, and I handed my id over with a laugh and said "Okay, but be prepared to be surprised!" because the last four times I've been carded, people's eyes have widened. One kid even laughed cause he carded me and I'm older than him by two years. She gets this SNOTTY ass fucking tone and goes "Fine! Surprise me! Then you can go home and whine to your mommy about how you got carded at Walmart!"

Um .... wtf? I get carded everywhere. I don't care. I was just trying to make a friendly joke and you acted like a total bitch. Who, by the end of the transaction, was acting like my best friend telling me about her pool and how she has to beat the neighborhood kids out of it with her skimmer net ....
Tags: everyone here looks like a fetus
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