dangerduckie21 (dangerduckie21) wrote in bad_service,

Wal Mart suckage

Story passed on by a friend - I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in something like 2 years, and this sort of customer "service" is the reason why. (The horrid way our local Wal-Mart treats its workers is the other reason)

First, some background. My friend, who I shall call Red Head Momma or RHM, is about my age, 30, and she has several biological children and a few more step children, for a total of 8 kids under the age of 10. She's been pregnant every year that I've known her, and she's currently pregnant again. I'm not interested in having kids, but someone out there has got to do the breeding, and she's very happy with her large family.

So RHM went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, about $30 of groceries, with her youngest few in tow. She went to the register and her ATM card wouldn't read in the swipe machine when she went to pay. After a couple of attempts, the cashier started ranting about how "all these young moms pop out a ton of kids and expect everything for free!!!" Cue the shocked face of RHM, who was more than willing to pay if the machine would take her dang card, which she explained to the cashier!

This story does have a better-service ending. After going home, RHM called the store manager, who reviewed the register camera tape, and not only are sending a gift card to cover her purchases, but this lady will be fired. My friend feels bad about the whole firing thing, but wow, talk about mean! I can understand having a bad day, but in that case, go to the back room and kick something like I did when I worked retail, or vent to a co-worker later, don't take it out on the customers!
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