TF (tortillafactory) wrote in bad_service,

Getting the runaround at Raymour & Flanigan furniture

Our experience was positive, up until it came time to actually pick up the recliner we ordered. Our salesperson (Henre) was friendly and helpful, although he told us the chair would most likely be ready in only 2-3 weeks, and that was nearly a month ago. But whatever - shit happens, and the official estimate is 4-6 weeks, so we weren't exactly chomping at the bit.

Today, when I got the phone call that the chair was ready, the woman on the phone offered to "schedule delivery." Which was a little strange, as we'd already told Henre we planned to pick the chair up ourselves and I'd watched him make a note of it on our paperwork. But again, no biggie. I told her that we wanted to pick it up, and that we'd be in later this afternoon. She seemed surprised by this, but said it would be fine, and that employees from the warehouse would be at the store to help us load it up all day, until 6pm. (I should mention, at this point, that she never brought up the need for us to have paperwork with us.)

We arrived at about a quarter to four, only to be told by Susan at the customer service desk that the chair was actually at their warehouse a few towns away. (The other woman, who had originally told us that the chair was at the store, apologized.) She said they would be getting a truck from the warehouse on Thursday if we wanted to wait, but it isn't too far, so we asked her if we could pick it up from the warehouse ourselves. She said that wouldn't be a problem, gave us directions, and promised us she would call ahead so they'd be expecting us. (Again, no mention of paperwork.)

Her directions were very poor and we got lost a few times, but eventually did find the warehouse, where we were told they hadn't received any phones calls and weren't expecting a customer pickup. We waited for 10-15 minutes while one of the warehouse employees tried to straighten things out, finally bringing in his boss, who informed us that he absolutely could NOT give us our chair unless we had the paperwork that we'd been given when we first ordered it. He was quite nice about it, but very firm.

At this point we were both tired and frustrated, and the prospect of driving back home, finding the paperwork, and driving back out there didn't sound too appealing. So we resigned ourselves to picking it up from the store on Thursday. On the drive home, I called up the store and tried to figure out what had gone wrong. At this point it became clear that Susan never called them - instead, she had emailed something to some contacts she has at the warehouse, both of whom were not actually IN the warehouse today. She assured me that this "never happens" and took full responsibility, apologizing profusely. Then she asked if we'd like to pick up the chair on Thursday, or have it delivered to us free of charge for the inconvenience. But since their closest available delivery date was Friday, when we'd be out of town, I told her we would just pick it up. She promised she would get us a "gift card or something." I hope "something" means "bill credit," because I have no plans to purchase more furniture anytime soon.

We were already on our way home at this point, so I didn't bother asking her why the hell she couldn't just email the same information to someone who WAS in the warehouse today. (I am assuming that the email would have taken the place of the paperwork we were, apparently, supposed to bring.) All in all, I'm deeply disappointed in Raymour & Flanigan's customer service and the breakdowns in communication. At this point I don't feel like I can take anything that I'm told at face value, and must ask a hundred questions before I can be confident that I'll be able to go home with my chair. It's not the total fault of any one person, but I'm particularly peeved at Susan for saying she would call the warehouse when she obviously had no intention of doing so. There is quite a big difference between a phone call and an email when you're emailing someone who isn't actually there.

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