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Two mild vacation sucks...

I just got back from a week in Orlando. All in all, wonderful trip, which probably made these two sucks stand out a little more.

First, Westgate Vacation Villas -- your website *clearly* stated "High-Speed Wireless Internet Access -- FREE". I hauled my iPad (and my mom her laptop) down there specifically because it said "free". Imagine my surprise when I go to connect and wait, what? $10 a day?

I go and talk to the front desk, and behold, it's only free for owners (this place is primarily a timeshare). The website never specified owners. Now there were some perks that were for owners only, and marked as such, but internet was not one of them. The "best" the manager could do was contact corporate and "see if the website could be changed". I e-mailed corporate, but I'm not holding my breath for a reply. On a side note, they have now changed the website.

Second, US Airways -- I understand that there are massive storms rolling through Charlotte. That's not your fault. However, why are you telling people who have a connection in Charlotte to just go home and try again the next day. Shouldn't you be able to look up that there are *no* open flights til 2 days later? Yes, my husband understands that he may have to spend the night in Charlotte's airport, but that's a damn sight better than missing the trip completely!

And telling another passenger they were going to re-book him to Philly, where they could finish booking his trip? Philly doesn't fly to where he's going! He would have had to go to Charlotte from Philly.

Columbus flights generally don't sell out, but it was Sunday -- the day that the big Memorial PGA tournament ended. My husband wouldn't have been able to get on a flight until Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday morning, and we were coming back Thursday! A shout-out goes to US Airways "stranded traveler" line though! No hold time, and they were able to "protect him" (whatever that means), on the next 3 flights from Charlotte to Orlando -- he just had to get to Charlotte!

Husband did finally make it in Monday morning, if slightly exhausted, no thanks to the US Airways counter at Columbus.
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